Hey, hi, hello! 

I am so happy you are here! Thank you for considering me to photograph all of your lovely moments! I’m Danielle (pictured above) and I am forever chasing golden hour + natural light. As a photographer, my goal is to snap all the real, raw, messy moments.

If you’re getting married, CON-FREAKING-GRATS! I would love love love to chat about engagement + wedding/elopement pricing. Go ahead and fill out the contact form with all the deats so we can be in touch!

Couples, please let me photograph the realness of you + find out what makes you belly laugh. Bring champagne + music and let’s have a great time during our shoot.

So, if you’re feeling it, feel free to hit the contact button + check me out on Instagram and give me a follow! @danielleholseey

ALSO! Please please please tag me in your pictures. This business requires showcasing my portfolio + word of mouth. I look forward to working with you.